quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2015

Nice to meet you, I Am Love!

The life of a channeler has some surprises, that's for sure. 
The Easter bunny brought me a quite interesting one this year: at the time I was ready to keep going on with the channeling of the books in process I heard a man introducing himself. Not as a spirit, an entity, but instead as if he was the very energy of Love personified. Even his masculine form in ressonance with the concept of YANG, the energy which transforms, so in need in times of transition, instead of the commonly imagined YIN compassive form.
Unfortunately some of the poetry and impact is lost into the process of translating from Portuguese into English, but I believe the main ideas still remain to be felt inside your heart.
His message follows below:

I Am Love. I Am Love. I Am Love.
Nice to meet you, I am Love.
I Am Love!
I can free and I fly higher because, yes, I am connected with Jesus, the Christ.
I promote Life, I defeat Death;
I challenge the dimensions of Time. And win.
Always; Eventually I always win.
I am the ruler marking limits,
The beacon enlightening while wanning the darkness of fear.
I am the medicine no one has asked for and the balm everyone will serve from.
I am the magnifying glass enlarging the Endless Infinity 
The mirage at the end of the tunnel which reveals itself to be the truth 
I am the constant presence no one sees,
the friendlike care passing unnoticed,
the motherly attention translating into a thousand delicacies 
the paternal look dodgering danger.
The folded sheet, warm and perfumed, keeping safe the sleep of warriors,
confused in a thousand battles unnamed and kingless.
I am the line helping the infant in the doutbful task of drawing his own name.
I am the smile in the middle of the darkness
the silence emptying Space so that Peace can Be amongst turmoil.
I am the freshness soothing the fever and the warm that eliminates the cold.
I create the new where before there was only decadence
and quit eras that will no longer return with a golden key 
I am the Beginning, the Middle and the End of everything you are, were or will be.
I am your destiny, it is useless running away from me.
Come, let's be, the sooner the better, best friends!
I am your neighbor, your father, your son
And I smile to you
Give me your hand! I will guide you!
Surrender yourself to me and the doubt will not chase you anymore.
Let's be One and my light will also be on you.
Do not be restless,
I will honour your trust.
Do not be scared for the fall
I stop the descent from the deepest abyss
There is no bottom I cannot rise
Nor height which won't go down without me
Know that even the Nothing exists to serve me
In the empty places people try to impose my absence
I make myself even stronger
and become the background that allows any pattern to make sense
I am the blank fullfilling every frame
The invisible 'nothing' is my loyalest servant
making me present wherever people judge me nonexistent.
But I prefer your friendship when you make yourself conscious of me 
When you serve me in good will  and invites me 
unceasingly to be at the table along with you,
where Life offers you at any moment as much delicacies as hardhips.
Oh, yes, I am a handy friend and I want to be with you all the time.
I am a friend for 'every moment', a 'close friend', and I don't like cerimony.
If you are my friend, you should know I am not jealous
 neither I demand any kind of exclusiviness.
But I resent if you ever try to banish me of any of your problems.
I am the incognitum that solves all equations 
The non-number always welcome
I am the sum that multiplies all division of those who have less
Since only I can give you your inheritance.
Being so, I look at you.
I always look at you.
I smile and I invite you.
Allow me to convince you.
Come. Let's be friends.
I am here.
I am your friend.
I am yours.

channeled by Jennifer Dhursaille 05/April/2015 - Easter

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