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The Sea Priestess - bilangual spiritual oracular counselling

The Sea Priestess


Ancient Wisdom to the Service of the Greater Good

English Presentation
The Sea Priestess was born in Southern Brazil in the spring of 1973 near a powerful estuary  under the blessing of an ancient female water spirit known by the native people as Janaina. Raised in Sao Paulo, where adding to her Azorian, African, Iberic, Mediterranean and Mourish heritage, she kept in contact with many different religions and spiritual backgrounds, but her sensitiveness drew her mainly to xamanic teachings. After 25 years of study and spiritual awareness, having channeled numerous messages from the spiritual world, such as mentors, guardian angels, devas, orixas, elders and all sort of protectors, she decided to use the internet and her Cambridge certificate of Advanced English to help more people around the world, extending her work beyond the barriers of geography and Portugueses speaking folks.

If you are right now at a crossroads in your life, not sure of what to do and believe spiritual counseling can help you take a more sure step, send the Sea Priestess an e-mail, talking about your doubsts, problems and feelings and what kind of help you would like to receive, so that your request can be sincerely evaluated. Then she will decide if the help you want or need  is in her hands to offer you.

Oracles available (usually more then one will be acessed – aiming a wider look into the energies surrounding the question presented – with no aditional cost to the customers):

Tarot, Gipsy Cards, Runes, Oghan, Seeshells

A quick look into Astrology and Numerology is also taken before the oracle consultation, só providing your real name and date of birth can be very useful.

Therapies you might be advised to seek: Aromatherapy, Flower Remedies, Colour Therapy, Gemstone Therapy, Herbal Therapy.


1-No harm will never be done or taught to anyone aimimg to bring ruin, hazard or any form of damage to your foes
2- The Sea Priestess is very sincere, so if you make a question, be ready for an answer you might not like
3-After chatting by e-mail or online chatting devices you will receive a bank account number for deposit of combined price for the consultation. After payment you will receive your answer by e-mail in 48 to72 hours(max) depending on the lenght of it.

What to Wait for:

An Example of a Consultation
Anna sent the Sea Priestess an e-mail expressing her fears towards the continuity of her relationship with her boyfriend. She was also feeling bored with her work but was not sure which path follow in her professional life. She asked specifically for the use of the tarot as her oracle.

After 36 hours she got the answer in her entry box.

The Sea Priestess consulted the Tarot as requested by the customer, but during the consultation she felt the need to also use the Gipsy Cards plus the Runes, because the Tarot showed very conflictants energies around Anna's life, and the spiritual guides that help during the oracle process pointed at them in order to obtain more accurate answers.
A look in Astrology showed Anna has a divided personality because her solar star sign is opposite to her ascendent (Aries – Libra). That is a condition that is not going to change and she needs to understand more about that so that she learns how to deal with this aspect of her personality as a tool and not an obstacle. The Sea Priestess advised Anna to try a solar birth chart for free on the Internet and provided her with websites where she could read more about it.
Numerology shows Anna has a very strong sensibility and also the trademarks of a caretaker. That added to the Runes revealed Anna could make a career out of her abilities in cooking, child or animal care.  
The Gipsy cards revealed an older woman interfering with Anna's relationship with her boyfriend, and the spiritual guides talked about a very controlling mother, who didn't want them to get any more commited to each other that they already were.
Anna was oriented to evaluated how much it worth to invest in her relationship and to talk honestly with her boyfriend about both their expectancies towards the future and about how to deal with his mother. Would he just ignore her? Or if they intended to get married in the future, how to create a healthy familiar enviroment and prepare his mother spirit to the fact that who her son marries is his choice and not hers?
Gipsy cards plus Tarot insisted Anna should take a different professional path, both oracles indicating her talents towards food,  small children and animal care. They also showed something Anna would never ask for: her health needed care, specially her kidneys were in need of attention.
Anna also received two Bach Flower Remedies indications she should try to find in natural pharmacies in her country, a gemstone indication to help her center in herself and not to feel so in doubt whenever she needed to make a decision, and a herbal tea recipie to drink at night during 14 evenings.

After feedback Anna confirmed to the Sea Priestess her boyfriend's mother actually interfered a lot with their relationship and said she always wanted to be a vet but could not afford paying for the studies required, she already volunteered for a NGO that helped stray animals. She had no health complaints but an occasional headache.

 In the end, 3 months later Anna e-mailed again the Sea Priestess to tell that she and another friend opened a small cupcake store and business was doing well. Anna and her boyfriend had a conversation and made new agreements about the dynamics of her partnership which was still in course. She also told the Sea Priestess she started feeling a little painful in her lower back but believed at the time she was just 'impressed' by the consultation. But soon, the pain became stronger and she found out she was suffering from kidney stone. Fortunately she soon felt better after treating the matter with a doctor.

This is the average example of an oracle consultation.
It also might or might not talk about your previous life, spiritual aspects of your life, spiritual guides, totemic animals, and the alike, but that will depend of your openness and willingness to the matters.

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